What’s up, dockmaster?

Well, the boats are.  All of them.  It took awhile but they’re all put up high and dry for the ‘off’ season.  And, we can still sail on occasion when it’s too nice to justify a ski/ride excursion!  One of our best client/friends is keeping his J-28 in the water in nearby New Rochelle so it’s an option for our Sailing Club members.  Just re-winterize the engine quickly (easy breezy) and back to the slopes.

Speaking of which… our Director & ‘Dockmaster,’ Steve Card, also loves teaching snowboarding.  He did it part time for a few winters but hasn’t had enough time to continue on a seasonal basis.  So, it’s been back to civilian status with the occasional private request from friends and Sailing Center clients.  Captain Card is a Level I certified instructor through PSIA/AASI (and was on a Level II track before he had to give up the gig). Whether you’re interested in trying it for the first time, or need to get over the hump (bump?) on something, hit him up to discuss.

Our Cal 27, Sea Jay, out for the winter. The fog below her transom is spray from a pressure washer after her bottom was cleaned.  Click pic for full-size.

We’re now on Instagram!  Long overdue, we’ve started putting up pics for you.  We’ll be catching up throughout the off season to keep you stoked for the next. Send us any kewl sailing related pics you have and we’ll try to toss them up too.  We’ll give you photo credit of course.  There’s an Instagram icon on every page and post of this site (including this one) with all the other social icons.  Look for ‘Reviews, Social, Etc’ on the side bar or toward the bottom depending on your device.

Our next Start Navigating course (ASA 105, Coastal Navigation) is almost full.  This is 4 weeknights in Manhattan: December 13, 21, 28 & January 3 (Tue, Wed, Wed, Tue).  We’ll soon be announcing other schedules for the remainder of the winter, but feel free to be in touch to discuss what works for you – especially if you are two or more and are interested in doing it at your home or office.

Finally… We leave for our first Virgin Islands (BVI) trip of the alleged ‘off’ season in less than a month!  This one’s full unless you have a group, in which case we might be able to add a second boat.  Dates are January 6-13. Our second trip is a Kid/Parent affair that has room for one more kid + parent (or a parent alone whose kid can’t attend).  Dates are February 11-16.

Interested in either of those, or a third trip at another time?  Contact us.


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