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Still sailing – private lesson, anyone?  ASA Coastal Nav 105 on Zoom: 4 Tuesday evenings, starting 11/30.  See our schedule/buy page, or contact us.

Join us in the  BVI (Virgin Islands)!   January 8-15, 2022.  Vacation in ‘paradise;’ learn and earn as you go (ASA 103 or 104 certification). See our Sailing Vacation Course page, check out our social links there or on any other page, or just contact us!

 Over 50 Years of our family giving you more of what you go to sailing school for!SM

Watch us on New York’s Channel 5!  “Closer Than You Think: City Island,” including its America’s Cup history, and sailing at NY Sailing Center!  See why it’s been called “much more like Cape Cod than New York City” and “a little bit of Nantucket in the Bronx.”

We’re a Sailing Club and ASA Sailing School.  Enjoy a safe outdoor activity in a private or small group setting.  And, escape Manhattan sailing school and Hudson River boating crowds!  Learn how to sail right the first time with more time on the tiller in our Start Sailing SM  course, do a sailboat rental, join our seasonal Club, take cruising or navigation courses, or vacation and train on a sailing yacht with us abroad.

Already know our REP?  Just need Rates & Dates?  Get them HERE or call 718-885-0335

New to us?  Shopping for a sailing school or club in the New York NYC Tri-State area? Browse around; discover our history and teaching pedagogy. See some pics and clips of our club members and students in action, both in-house and in the news.  Read their reviews. Learn why you can’t get a better sailing school and club experience – or value – anywhere else.

Don’t have a clue?  Want a free preview?  We’ll do that for you!  Contact us to discuss taking you out for a quick sail so you can see what sailing, and learning how, are all about.  No sales pitch; just sailing.

We’re the ’boutique’ sailing school.  The focus isn’t on churning out greenhorn graduates and spitting them into a safety-in-numbers sailing club.  Sure, we have a club – but our students can truly skipper in it.  Our ideal location allows independent progression after you learn, and our sailing club allows sailors of all abilities to roam. That’s how we prepare you, and that’s what our family has done for two generations since 1968.  When we do, you can go on to do whatever you want.  Of course, we can help you along the way because, as we’ll point out throughout…

We give you MORE of what you go to sailing school for!

Thanks for visiting… now come visit us in real life!  After all, we’re “closer than you think.”  Steve

Captain Stephen Glenn Card, Director & ‘Dockmaster’

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