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50th Anniversary of our family giving you more of what you go to sailing school for!SM

We teach navigation in Manhattan, but we SAIL out of City Island…

“A little bit of Nantucket in the Bronx” Jack Newfield, prolific author and journalist/columnist for both NY and national publications.

Watch us on Fox 5 News!  “Closer Than You Think: City Island,” including its America’s Cup history, and sailing at NY Sailing Center!  See why reporter Christal Young said, “The vibe is a lot more Cape Cod than New York City.”

Of course, we don’t sail out of City Island when we’re on an instructional sailing vacation with you in the Caribbean or Mediterranean.)

Satellite image showing proximity of City Island (on right in yellow) to Manhattan;  Aerial view of our little Island;  CI Garden Club’s welcome sign.

Some schools have multiple locations…  Some locations have multiple schools.

City Island has the longest tradition of hosting sailing schools of anywhere in the New York Tri-State area.  It’s only a mile and a half long by half a mile wide, yet it’s home to all this…

  • three sailing schools (all ASA affiliates)
  • the Columbia and Fordham University’s sailing teams
  • three yacht clubs whose membership are almost entirely sailors
  • two sailmakers: Doyle & UK Halsey (both preeminent, multi-location brands)


Excellent sailing and teaching waters, plus easy access from Manhattan and other Boroughs (including by public), and much of New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut and Long Island.  Live on the Upper East Side?  We’re a 35′ ride on the 6 train plus a quick pick-up at the station.  But even if it takes you a little longer to get to us from wherever you live, it pays off huge dividends for the rest of the day that you won’t get elsewhere.  It doesn’t make sense to have a quicker commute to sailing school and waste the day in a poor sailing and learning environment.  Here’s what our waters offer:

  • Gentle currents.  Our learn-to-sail boats have no motors.  Don’t need ’em, and they’re not part of the learn-to-sail standards.  You’ll learn to start and stop under sail – the way you’re supposed to.  Don’t try that on the Hudson…
  • Steady breezes.  No skyscraper wind shears here, nor parallel rivers converging in confusion.  Our breezes are more steady, making learning more fun and effective.  You’ll learn to deal with the natural wind shifts found everywhere.
  • ‘Play pen.’  We can set our Obstacle Course buoys at will in the ‘play pen’ in City Island Harbor, where there’s plenty of room to work on all skills at any pace.
  • Low commercial traffic.   Very little, very predictable… and zero in our ‘play pen.’  In other areas, dodging commercial traffic is a huge time waster and more than a little dangerous.
  • ‘Terrain’ variety.  We have the learning zone (bunny slope).  We have the open Sound (blue & black slopes).  We have it all, and there’s no time wasted getting to whatever we need.

So, what’s it like to get to us?  Quick and convenient by public or car (we’ll give you directions later). Here’s part of the NYC Subway Map, with little City Island on the top right…

sub map CI crop
Half the length of Manhattan away from it, City Island is easy to get to by the 2, 5 & 6 trains, the Dyckman Street Bus, and Metro North. We can usually pick you up from any station and if not, there are bus and taxi transfers available. Only 35′ from UES on the 6 train to Pelham Bay Park.
(Click pic for full size)  Our Google Map listing shows us smack dab in the center of everything – but not in the middle of nowhere. Extremely convenient by road from much of the Tri-State area.

Ready for directions?  Here you go  Or, just ask us.

All that… and being on New York’s ‘out island’ to boot.  City Island is a charming little boating community that’s only half the length of Manhattan away from it.  Yet, after crossing two bridges and NYC’s largest park to get here, one understands where the famous columnist Jack Newfeld was coming from when he wrote that City Island is like “a little bit of Nantucket in the Bronx.”

For our instructional sailing vacations we usually sail out of the British Virgin Islands, or BVI as they’re known.  Why?  They have the best balance of conditions, attractions, and logistics – and they’re just about impossible to get tired of, as evidenced by how many cruisers from around the world keep coming back year after year, and decade after decade.

For variety and those with a little more experience, sometimes we mix it up with alternatives such as St. Vincent and the Grenadines, or our Mediterranean sailing/stomping grounds such as Greece and Italy.

All the best boats, teaching props, and instructors won’t do much good if the teaching terrain is lacking.  Ski schools don’t send their 1st-timers up the lift to double-diamond mogul trails.  A sailing school has to have access to suitable teaching waters too.

Ready for directions?  Here you go.  (Pulls up Google Map showing our address and lets you put in your origin and method of transit.)

Any questions on directions?  Just hit us up!)