location, location…

Over 50 years of our family giving you more of what you go to sailing school for!SM

We’re at the Bookend of the Boroughs – and the Gateway to the Atlantic!

We teach navigation in Manhattan, but how to sail out of Sheepshead Bay. 

(Of course, we don’t sail out of NYC when we’re on a sailing vacation course with you in the Caribbean or Mediterranean.)

Our family’s first sailing school started in 1968, so, we know what’s needed to teach you how to sail.  Our unique location at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn gives us all the advantages needed to do that, and none of the pitfalls shared by all other schools & clubs in the NYC and Tri State areas…

  • strong currents
  • heavy commercial traffic
  • high summer temps and thunderstorms
  • narrow, limiting waterways
  • motoring, not sailing, off the dock or mooring

Why save a little time on your commute to sailing school if you won’t actually learn to sail?  ASA and US Sailing expect you to be able to skipper the boat by the end of your course.  That means you can ‘solo,’ or take the boat out without an instructor or more experienced sailor on board.  With us, you’ll be able to do that.  You probably won’t with schools in NY Harbor and the East and Hudson Rivers, and to prove our point, they won’t let you try!

We were located on City Island for many decades.  It had been the best location in our experience.  But, our new trial branch at Sheepshead Bay added even more perks.  The first season at our new branch sold us.  Now, it’s the ‘one.’

“The Hudson River is ALWAYS a dangerous place to operate. It takes some skill to operate in the Hudson River.”

-NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Russo, commanding officer of the Harbor Unit.  He said that in a press conference after two people died in a boating accident in July 2022.  (East River?  Fuggadaboutit…)

Two video clips: 1st is a scene typical of the Hudson & East Rivers, and NY Harbor.  Note how fast the sailboats are moving sideways with the current!  In the 2nd clip?  What we enjoy from Sheepshead Bay! (The still frame above is from the Hudson.) Toggle between clips with left and right arrows on sides of videos.

Here’s how our Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn waters give you more:

  • Gentle currents.  We never use motors on our learn-to-sail boats.  Don’t need ’em!  And, shouldn’t use them – they’re not part of the learn-to-sail standards, and a they’re a crutch  You’ll learn to start and stop under sail – the way you’re supposed to.  Don’t try that on the Hudson or NY Harbor, where standing still fighting the current is standard.
  • Better weather.  More – and more reliable – wind;  cooler temps during summer heat waves;  virtually no thunderstorms!  Far more comfortable and productive… and safer, too.  We’re across from Breezy Point – which got its name for a reason.  No skyscraper wind shears here, nor parallel rivers converging in confusion.  All this makes  learning more fun and effective, which is why you go to sailing school in the first place.
  • ‘Play Pen.’  We can set our Obstacle CourseSM buoys at will in and off Sheepshead Bay, where there’s plenty of room to work on all skills at any pace.  Other schools?  They couldn’t if they wanted to.  See our students in action on it and how it “gives you more of what you go to sailing school for!”SM
  • Low commercial traffic.  You’ll pass an occasional fishing boat going in out, but not tankers, barges, and gigantic ferries.  And, it’s all predictable, and on known paths that take up little room.  In NY Harbor and the Hudson/East Rivers, dodging large, random commercial traffic is a huge time waster and more than a little dangerous.
  • ‘Terrain’ variety.  We have the learning zone and ‘play pen’ (bunny & green ski slopes).  We have the open Atlantic, Raritan Bay, and the Sound (blue & black slopes).  We have it all, on-demand, and there’s no time wasted getting to whatever we need.

Two video clips: 1st shows a typical Hudson River scene, and the 2nd shows what it’s like to sail with us. (The still frame here is from that one.) Toggle between clips with left and right arrows on sides of videos.

So, what’s it like to get to us?  Quick and convenient by public or car (we’ll give you directions later). The B, Q and 2 trains are all good options, with an easy walk along the Bay (or a bus transfer from the 2).  Here’s the NYC Subway Map, with black stars by Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn near the bottom (and City Island near the top)…

Our Brooklyn location in Sheepshead Bay is the yellow/white pin drop center screen – in the center of it all, and super convenient to all of NYC and surrounding areas.

Ready for directions?  Here you go  Or, just ask us.

For our instructional sailing vacations we sail out of both the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.  Our prime stomping grounds down south are the British Virgin Islands, or BVI as they’re known.  Why?  They have the best balance of conditions, attractions, and logistics – and they’re just about impossible to get tired of, as evidenced by how many cruisers from around the world keep coming back year after year, and decade after decade.

For the Med, we like variety, and have sailed in Greece, and Italy. and Croatia.  Why?  (Do we really have to sell you on these spots?  Well, maybe from a sailing standpoint.)  They are cruising paradises, with abundant options for where to go in a one-week trip.  Med trips happen each fall, somewhere after Labor Day and before Columbus Day (second half of September to early October).  This way we beat the crowds and still have summery weather and warm water.  And, the restaurants, cafes and bars are still hopping!

All the best boats, teaching props, and instructors won’t do much good if the teaching terrain is lacking.  Ski schools don’t send their 1st-timers up the lift to double-diamond mogul trails.  A sailing school has to have access to suitable teaching waters too.

Watch us on New York’s Channel 5!  “Closer Than You Think: City Island,” including its America’s Cup history, and sailing at NY Sailing Center!  See why reporter Christal Young said, “The vibe is a lot more Cape Cod than New York City.”  (While we’re not on City Island anymore, CI and Sheepshead Bay are more alike than different when it comes to the waterfront and sailing.)

We’re easy to get to by pubic transit or car.  Here are directions.  And,  here’s our address…

3050 Emmons Avenue (at Miramar Yacht Club), Brooklyn NY 11235  

Any questions on directions?  Just hit us up!)