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Good old-fashioned directions, for both drivers and strap hangers… plus our Google Map listing for lose-it-yourselfers.  (To CONTACT us, go there.)

Want to know why you’d want to visit?  Location, location…

First: if you just want to Google Map it, for either public or driving, here you go – but sometimes you won’t get the best route suggestions.  The options below are solid, so if Google comes up with something else (such as buses we have not suggested below), please bounce it off us first.

GPS address: 231 Kirby Street, Bronx, NY 10464

We’ll start off each section, Public and Driving, with a reference map.


nb: we can usually pick you up from the train station of your choice, and can often drive you out and back from Manhattan!  Just coordinate with us in advance.  Having said that, it’s all easy by public connections.  (Like to bike? Take the 2, 5, or 6 trains and it’s an easy ride from the stations listed below) Below are the train choices and connections.  Have questions, including realistic travel times?  Hit us up.

sub map CI crop
The proportions of this map are as distorted as a world map on a wall, but it helps for reference. City Island is near the top right off the park.

#6 train.  Elevated, with sunlight and cell reception for much of the route!  Can take the 4 or 5 express to 86th or 125th, and transfer to 6.  (On weekday afternoons/evenings, there’s a 6 express that skips many stops on the way out – just get on that.)

Take to end of line – Pelham Bay Park.  Free Metro Card transfer to BX29 City Island bus downstairs (MUST say City Island on it – there are three routes).  Enjoy the very scenic ride through Pelham Bay Park and over two bridges, and get off at 2nd traffic light- Ditmars.  Go left on Ditmars for two blocks to King. Go left, and take first right onto Kirby.  Marina is at the end of the street. Can also grab a cab, which are waiting there, or call an Uber from the train.

#5 train.  Take to Pelham Parkway/Williamsbridge.  Transfer to BX 12 bus to Pelham Bay Park (where #6 ends).  Take BX29 City Island bus (extra fare).  Or, grab a cab or Uber.

#2 train.  Take to 149th/Grand Concourse, and transfer on same track to #5 (see #5 details above).  Take BX 12 to Pelham Bay Park, and transfer to BX 29 City Island bus.  Or, just get off #2 at Pelham Parkway and transfer to BX 12 to Pelham Bay Park.  Take BX29 City Island or grab a cab/Uber.

Metro North: take to Pelham or New Rochelle.  About half an hour from Grand Central and 20′ from Harlem/125th.  Arrange a pick up with us, or grab a cab from the station.

BxM8 bus, running up Madison & Third Avenues and then the Bruckner Expressway.  Ends at Pelham Bay Park. (On weekday evenings, limited service straight to City Island for a quick twilight sail!)  Transfer to BX29 City Island bus and use local directions above.  For schedule and stops, see the BxM8 Bus Time page on MTA’s site.

BX12 or BX12 SBS Bus, Dyckman Street (Upper Manhattan): take to Pelham Bay Park and transfer to BX 29 City Island bus or grab cab.

nb: in all cases, remember that we can usually pick up and drop off at station and save you a little commute time.


GPS address: 231 Kirby Street, Bronx, NY 10464

(Click to enlarge)  Screen grab of our Google Map listing. When you follow that link to it, you’ll have a side panel on the left to put in your point of origin and method of travel. You can also hide the panel to see the full screen map.

I-95 and the Hutchinson Parkway both have exits for City Island, so we’ll start with those.

I-95 or Hutchinson River Parkway, from north and east

  • Hutchinson Parkway South (or 95 south to Hutch South).
  • Take next exit: Orchard Beach/City Island.
  • Follow signs for Orchard Beach! (Save you two lights.)
  • After long scenic straightaway, turn right for City Island
  • At circle, go 3/4 around in right lane which becomes the CI exit.
  • After crossing the bridge, go 2 traffic lights to Ditmars.  Turn left.
  • Go 2 blocks to King, and turn left.  Take first right onto Kirby.  We’re at the end.

I-95 from NYC

  • Cross Bronx Expressway or Bruckner Expressway north to New England Thruway
  • Take Orchard Beach/City Island exit.
  • After bridge, take first right.
  • At circle, go 1/2 way around in right lane which then becomes the CI exit.
  • After crossing the bridge, go 2 traffic lights to Ditmars.  Turn left.
  • Go 2 blocks to King, and turn left.  Take first right onto Kirby.  We’re at the end.

Major Deegan/Bruckner from NYC

  • Take whatever you want to get on Deegan South, and follow to Bruckner
  • Follow I-95 directions above

ALTERNATE if any of these have traffic:

Henry Hudson Parkway, or Deegan North, to Saw Mill Parkway North.

  • Exit at Cross County Parkway (only goes east here)
  • Take to end, Hutchinson Parkway, and stay right for Hutch South
  • Follow Hutch directions above

(nb: the Henry Hudson route is very scenic; also has a no-stop toll)

From Brooklyn, Queens or Long Island:

Use Triborough (RFK), Whitestone or Throgs Neck Bridges to to I-95 North or Hutchinson Parkway north.  Then, follow exit/local directions above.

From Bronx: you’re probably good to go, but if you need advise, ask us.

From Lower Westchester: If 95 or Hutch are not convenient, take Boston Road/Route 1 down to Shore Road.  After Split Rock Golf Course, follow signs for Orchard Beach at first traffic circle, then to City Island thereafter (or see local directions above).

Finally – here’s our Google Map listing again so you can find your own way.

Have questions?  Get answers from a real life driver & straphanger.