What we do

Over 50 Years of our family giving you more of what you go to sailing school for!SM

Below is a list of the main things we do and links to those pages.  But by way of introduction…

New York Sailing Center is an ASA Certification Facility (American Sailing Association certified sailing school), and also a Sailing Club.  We teach from Basic to Bareboat and beyond, and we take you there too on our instructional sailing vacations.  To keep you sailing locally, we offer our seasonal sailing club plan.  We are also specialists in news, film, and other commercial video and photo shoots on and near the water, facilitating both hand-held and aerial drone filming and photography.   Here’s what we have for you:

We’re a certification facility for the American Sailing Association (ASA)

asa cert circle smallUse the links above to get started, or just browse around.  Take in some pics and video clips.  Learn why we’re the ’boutique’ school, and why you can’t get a better sailing education – or value – anywhere else!