Evening Sails, etc

evening sail

Join us for a relaxing, romantic ride into the sunset.  Or, maybe the moonrise!

Full Moonrise Sails!  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings (August 6, 7 & 8). 6:30 departure on Sunday; 7pm on Monday and Tuesday.  $60 pp, per trip.  Come for one, two, or do the trilogy.  Participate as much or as little as you like.  Contact us with questions or to reserve.

Some of the best sailing is when the day is done, so we schedule Evening Excursions frequently on both weeknights and weekends when the weather lets us let you…

  • Unwind after work;
  • enjoy calm, cool, comfortable evening breezes;
  • Sail on sunset or silvery moonlit waters;
  • practice your sailing & navigation skills
curve clouds
Surreal western sky as seen from one of our evening sails.

Come take a ride; participate as much or as little as you like in sailing the boat.  If you’ve never sailed, this is a fun way to get a sense of what it’s all about.  If you’re already a sailor, it’s a great way to experience night sailing knowing we’ve got your back.

As well as evening sails, we sometimes do day-time trips, especially in the spring and fall when it might be a little too cool on the water at night.

Want to know when we go?  We schedule these based on weather, and announce them on our Blog and in our eNewsletter, Tidings.  Sign up for either or both from any page or post on this site!

NEXT SAILS: Full Moonrise – Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, August 6-8.

  • 6:30 start on Sunday; 7pm on others
  • $60 per person, per trip (can just do one of course)
  • Sail or just stare
  • Departing from our City Island location
  • RSVP by contacting us.