Sailing Club and Rentals


Our sailing club and sailboat rental program give you independent learning and true skippering. Go to a Manhattan sailing school if you want to always be on the same boats, on a tight leash, with others calling the shots. Come to us if you want an ASA school and club that lets you skipper – on boats you’d want to sail, and waters you’d want to sail them on.

Get your 2018 Sailing Club membership now, and enjoy some serious savings off an already excellent value: 10% off through the end of January.  Read on, or just contact us.

Want to sail often?  Meet other sailors, bring your own guests?  Try a variety of boats?  Maybe sail at night or even do overnights?  All that, plus get a great value?  Then our Sailing Club is your solution.

Broader fleet variety; better sailing waters!

We also rent our boats to our graduates.  Take a course, or even a private or refresher, and you qualify to be a rental skipper.  Why not rent to anyone with a piece of paper?  Read our Rant about it.

Want the juice without the squeeze?..

  • Unlimited sailing
  • Skipper with your guests, or join other members
  • evening, night sailing and overnights when you’re ready
  • boats from 21 – 33 feet
  • explore bays & harbors, or open Long Island Sound
  • $1475 for full season (discounts when friends & family sign up)

Our Sailing Club gives you preferential access to the fleet compared to renting.  Western Long Island Sound gives you some of the finest cruising grounds in the country.  If you plan to sail often, it’s a no brainer, but we do allow rentals for our graduates to accommodate those who prefer not to a sign on for a seasonal plan.

Our fleet ranges from the Beneteau First 21, the boat that inspired the nearly identical ASA (Beneteau) First 22/Trainer of the same size, to our Pearson 31 & 33 racer/cruisers with inboard diesels and wheels.  Our mid-size boats in the upper 20’s are still tiller steered to give beginners and intermediates a better feel and further develop their skills.


Want the CLUB for free?  Do our 4-Course, Free Club Combo.  Buy 101-105 at full price:

Then, get one year free in our Sailing Club starting after you finish up 101 and are ready to skipper.

We have liberal guest policies, and also bend over backwards to get you out on the water when you can’t bring a guest.  We sail all week and have club members who only come out on weekdays or weekday evenings, but of course we’re mostly geared up for weekends when most of you can come out and play.

More types of boats, more times to sail, more waters to explore… just some of the ways we give you MORE.  Contact us with questions or to get the membership form and sign up.