Sailing Club

Over 50 Years of our family giving you more of what you go to sailing school for!SM

The season is quickly approaching!  The finest sailing club experiences in the region resume in May.

Want to sail often?  Meet other sailors, bring your own guests?  Try a variety of boats?  Maybe sail at night or even do overnights?  All that, plus get a great value?  Then our Sailing Club is your solution, and it has options for all!  We have the finest sailing waters in the region, and we’re “Closer Than You Think.”

Join a sailing club program that gives you independent learning and true skippering.   Go to a Manhattan sailing school if you want to always be on the same boats, on a tight leash, with others calling the shots.  Come to us if you want an ASA sailing school and a Club that gets you ready to skipper a sailing yacht, and then lets you – on boats you’d want to sail, with the best waters – and weather – in the NYC and Tri-State areas!

Looking for a Social or Crew experience?  You’ll meet and sail with other members, and if you want to move up to Skipper, we’ll take you there.

Already Skipper material?  Great.  You’ll enjoy great boats and diversity of sailing waters that keep you coming back for more season after season.

Either way , you’ll enjoy the best sailing in the region, as well as special on-water excursions, and shoreside events fun and further education.

Broad fleet variety;  better sailing waters;  easy to get to it all!

Want the juice without the squeeze?..

  • Unlimited sailing
  • Skipper with your guests, or join other members
  • evening, night sailing and overnights when you’re ready
  • boats from 23 – 33 feet, and beyond with owner-members
  • reliable sea breezes, and more of them – without the thunderstorms!
  • active, inclusive, and welcoming Club with full facilities
  • convenient to all of NYC and nearby areas
  • great sailing right off the moorings – literally and figuratively!

We’re located at the Miramar Yacht Club in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn for a number of reasons, and the most important are the wind and weather.  You can’t go sailing in thunderstorms.  You can’t sail if there’s little to no wind.  Sheepshead Bay is across Rockaway Inlet from Breezy Point; does that name suggest anything to you?  We’re at the Bookend of the Boroughs, around the corner from the Atlantic Ocean.  This gives us several HUGE advantages for Sailing Club members as well as our students compared to all other Club/School programs in the NYC and Tri-State areas…

  • easy sailing right off the mooring (or motoring when relevant for larger boats)
  • best sailing weather: reliable sea breezes, no thunderstorms, and cooler temps on the hottest summer days
  • ‘terrain variety:’ enjoy Sheepshead Bay, Rockaway Inlet, the Atlantic Ocean, Raritan Bay, lower NY Bay and the Verrazano Narrows.  Room to romp, versus ‘Romper Room!’

What else sets this Club program apart?

  • Better boats – ones you’d actually want to sail!  The Ensign and Tartan Ten are time-honored designs that have not only survived, but continue to thrive – and made it into the American Sailboat Hall of Fame due to their contribution and importance to the sailing community.
  • Owner-members have a wider variety of private boats you can expect an occasional invitation to sail on, broadening your horizons literally and figuratively.
  • Excellent club facilities and shoreside + on-water activities.
  • Great value: cooperative membership means lower membership dues, due to everyone chipping in a bit.  (Club service is 5-10 hours per season, and exposes you to new sailing friends and potential boats to go crew on!
  • Convenient to get to from almost anywhere.  The B, Q, 2, 4 & 5 all come within a short walk (some with a bus transfer).  Driving?  There’s easy parking near the club.  Want ‘jitney’ service?  Available for free from Manhattan when classes are in session – which is more often than not.

Why sail from Sheepshead Bay, when there are places to sail from in Manhattan, Jersey City, and northern Brooklyn?  Allow us to answer a question with a question: why save a little on the commute to your sailing club, and waste the whole time in poor sailing conditions, on inferior boats, and in a ‘safety in numbers’ setting where you probably don’t get to skipper the boat?

Check out our Location page to see why you’d much rather sail from Sheepshead Bay than clubs that sail on the Hudson and East Rivers and NY Harbor.

MEET the FLEET!  See what you’ll sail.

How close are we really?  Plug our address into your travel app of choice to find out: 3050 Emmons Avenue, Sheepshead Bay, New York, 11235.  How little time are you willing to save in order to waste the whole day fighting strong currents, dodging commercial traffic, and bouncing back and forth off the same two shorelines when “sailing” with other School/Club programs?  Only you can decide.  We decided over and over to not locate our school & club on the Hudson, declining opportunities that really weren’t at all.

What does it cost?

Membership has its privileges – and its perks.  One is price!  As with our School, the Club program is the best value in the business. Your first season’s membership fee of $1200 gives you full access to the Ensigns and Tartan Ten based on your sailing abilities and qualifications.  (101 level gets you on the Ensigns, and 103 or higher steps you up to the Tartan Ten with inboard diesel and furling headsail).  If you join in August or later, it’s $942.50 for the rest of the season, including late fall/early winter.  If you continue your membership the following year, the full rate is $1885 (paid in two installments).  Tax is added to all membership fees.

Graduates of our school are pre-qualified!  Not a graduate of ours?  No problem – you can be evaluated and tested/oriented before joining and sailing.  

More types of boats, more times to sail, more waters to explore… just some of the ways we give you MORE.  Contact us with questions, to arrange a visit, or to sign up!  Or, contact Miramar Yacht Club directly anything membership related.