Give the Gift of Sailing

Over 50 Years of our family giving you more of what you go to sailing school for!SM

We offer gift certificates for everything we teach.  And even if you don’t know what your lucky recipient wants to do, we’ve got you covered. They can learn how to sail; they can explore cruising.  Navigation?  Perfect in the winter on Zoom or in person. Our gift certificates are fully exchangeable in case you choose the ‘wrong’ gift, and even fully refundable.  Plus, we can email them to you pronto if you’re making a last minute decision!

She gave him the gift of sailing… and soon they were strolling on a deserted island’s beach in the BVI! This is a candid shot from one of our  Sailing Vacation Courses in the Virgin Islands!
  • Get a Gift Cert for a dollar amount, good toward anything, or choose something specific – course, clinic, private lesson, etc.
  • Gift Certs are valid for one year.  (We know life can get in the way.)
  • They’re refundable for 10 days from the date of the occasion.
  • They’re exchangeable, just in case you get the ‘wrong’ gift.
  • They’ll show up by email as color, printable PDF’s – or in your physical mail box if you prefer
  • Need it NOW??  No problem.  We’re very responsive for last minute holiday gift ideas.
  • We can send a text book for full certification courses so there’s something significant to wrap.
Sample gift certificate. NB: this one says “City Island” which was our historical location. Last season, we added a branch in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, and it worked out so well it’s now our only branch!

Get a gift cert for a specific service, or just a dollar amount to be applied to anything. Recipient (which can be you!) can apply that to the instructional service of their choice to lock into large potential savings and get stoked for the season to come – or even during winter with coastal navigation on Zoom, in Manhattan, or Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

To purchase, just click on Schedules/Sign up here or from our main menu on any page or post. Scroll down past “Ready to do this?  Here we go” and choose your option.

Have questions?  Not sure what to get?  Hit us up for suggestions or to get a gift certificate for someone else or yourself.