Start Bareboating (ASA 104)

Over 50 Years of our family giving you more of what you go to sailing school for!SM

…where it’s at, once you know how to get there.  We can take you!  Or, send you…

Typical stunning view from the Aeolian Islands off Sicily (Isole Eolie). Taken during our Fall 2019 trip there! Standing on Salina; view of Stromboli and Panarea. Next trip? Virgin Islands (BVI), winter 2020!

Next Schedule:  April 17, 18 & 24 out of our City Island base.  More local schedules below, and we often start new ones based on your schedules.    Contact us

Get out of Manhattan, and learn how to sail a charter yacht on Long Island Sound – the NYC region’s premier cruising grounds.  Our Start Bareboating SM  course prepares you to own your own, or bareboat in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and other exotic sailing destinations.  Or, come along on one of our Instructional Sailing Vacations to earn ASA 103 or 104 Cruising Certification (Basic Cruising or Bareboat).  Just back from… Sicily/Aeolian Islands!  Next trip: Virgin Islands (BVI), Winter 2020!

Now, you’re ready to cruise in unfamiliar waters for a week or so, doing it all – navigating, anchoring, mooring, basic troubleshooting, and just plain loving the cruising lifestyle – maybe with a sprinkle of performance sailing in the mix when you encounter other cruisers and your competitive juices start flowing.

Our Start BareboatingSM course  is your ticket to self sufficiency in paradise, whether it’s chartering with you in charge or owning your own little (or not so little) yacht here or abroad.

Quick Stats…

  • 3-day intensive locally in Northeast (usually City Island base) or 1-week instructional sailing vacation abroad (typically Caribbean or Mediterranean).
  • Max 4 per boat locally and 6 for sailing vacations
  • Aboard a 30-something locally with wheel steering, multiple headsails and/or roller furling, inboard diesel, etc.  For sailing vacations, we average out at around 43 feet
  • We pay special attention to docking and navigation while hitting all the other important skills needed to cruise stress-free and safely.
  • Leads to ASA 104, Bareboat Cruising certification. Prerequisites: 101 and 103 certification or comparable experience/training.

asa cert circle smallTuition: $795 for local 3-day course.  Sailing vacations average out to be $1800 per person.  Discounts: $50 off each when 2+ enroll together, or 10% off for grads.  (No combo, yo!)


Standard schedules are on the major holiday weekends, and also some Weekend Plus choices (weekend plus a Saturday or Sunday).  Nb: we often do custom schedules for Bareboat, so be sure to subscribe to our eNews, Tidings, via the form on all pages to get updates on schedules, trips, articles, etc.  Or, just contact us

Ready to do this?  See our scheduling/enrolling page for terms and conditions and how to sign up (call us or shoot us a form right from that page).

Questions first?  Contact us.

Need to just ‘test out’ to get your piece of paper?   You can do a ‘challenge’ of the ASA 104 standard for a fraction of the time and price of the whole course.  Contact us to discuss whether this makes sense for you.