Pics & Clips

Sometimes, it’s all best said with some still shots or a short video.  We have them both for you – candid pics and clips of real clients on actual courses and trips.

We’ve caught that wave and are catching up on uploading kewl shots.  We photo-doc’d our recent trip in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and you can almost feel like you’re riding along with us.  Check out that trip and other nice shots and short clips from our both our local sailing and trips abroad.  There’s an Insta icon on every page and post, and here’s a link for you now…

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Want a few clips right here that tell it all?

See us on NY1 News

ny1 clip pic
Watch a piece about the school shot during an actual class.  Want more?  Check out Back to Basics and Third Date on our channel.

Singlehanding around our Obstacle Course

obstacle singlehand clip pic
She earned that smile by sailing around our Obstacle Course, handling the helm and both sails by herself.  Guess what?  So will you!  See more in our other Obstacle Course video on the channel.

Cruising the Virgin Islands (BVI)

bvi clip pic
They’re special enough to get their own font color!  Sailing, snorkeling, chillaxin… it’s all good in the British Virgin Islands!  Watch a compilation of clips from two trips.  And check out some clips from Greece and Italy on our channel too.

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