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(click any of these pics once for large and again for full size/res.) The family that sails together… Second practice sail for them after completing our Start Sailing course (Basic Keelboat, ASA 101). Saturday, November 5.

Do we have the longest season in the northeast?  Probably. We usually hang in there until the overlap of sailing and snowsports – and start again before all the slopes are closed.

Killington opened awhile ago for skiing and riding.   True, it’s only a few trails and some walking at the end to download.  We have it a little easier. Fewer boats, but same waters and routes.  No hiking.  Launch still whisks you out and back in less time than John Cheetah could have recited this post.  (Okay – maybe a little more time than that.  But fast.)

Swiss sailor, Alex, who came to check out the Sailing Club on Sunday 11/5. He was not disappointed: happy camper aboard our Swedish Folkboat. The Dockmaster took a quick turn at the helm and snapped this before surrendering. We had over 20 knots that day and with a single reef and working jib, the helm was perfectly balanced.

We got folks out both days last weekend, November 5 and 6.  Should have gotten several parties out this Sunday the 13th but skeleton crew and an illness shut us down.  We’ll get out this coming week and see what weather and the haulout schedule bring thereafter.

Director & Dockmaster (and HBIC), Captain Stephen Glenn Card, enjoying the ride on the Folkboat that day. Note the spray from the leeward bow and general sea state. Confused waves caused the boat to move around more than the last windy sea trial, but she still felt amazingly stiff and in control. Deploy full sail and she’s quite fast in the light stuff too.

So, how much time do we have left?  Who knows.  But if we run out, there’s our Coastal Navigation courses, our Virgin Islands trips (BVI), and of course, snowsports.  Our HBIC* pictured above is a PSIA/AASI certified snowboard instructor, and loves teaching.  If you or someone you know wants to get started, or get over the hump (or back on the horse if you were tossed on your arse), hit us up and he’ll talk to you about your goals on the snow.

(*Head Bozo In Charge)




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