Thinking of teaching?

We have some clinics for you.  Join us to earn your initial ASA Instructor Certification, and/or advance to the next level!

  • Saturday and Sunday, 4/16 & 17: Basic Keelboat Instructor Clinic
  • Monday and Tuesday, 4/18 & 19: Basic Coastal Cruising, Coastal Navigation, and Bareboat Cruising Instructor clinics

You don’t have to be the best sailor on the Sound to teach.  You have to be pretty solid, of course, but almost more important is how you relate to people, and your ability to turn them into something you are but they’re not – sailors.

These clinics are to assess your sailing and teaching ability, your overall knowledge, provide feedback and instruction, and give you the creds you need to officially certify students after you’ve turned them into sailors.  You’ll be challenged as well as trained.

The Sailing Center is the host for these clinics.  We did the same thing last spring and have participated in others in the past.  It’s something we’ve meant to make a routine of, so here we go.  Having a variety of sailboat classes in our fleet and a versatile location, we’re in an ideal position to host IQC’s.

The clinics & fees

  • Basic Keelboat, BKBI – 201:  $295
  • Basic Coastal Cruising/Coastal Navigation, BCCI/CONI 203-205: $195
  • Coastal Navigation CONI – 205 exam retake if needed: $75
  • Bareboat Cruising, BBCI – 204: $195
  • Instructor Dues (annual): $79

New instructors can opt to just do Basic Keelboat over the weekend.  Sailors with sufficient experience to be candidates for the higher levels can add those as well.  Of course, anyone with 201 can skip that and register for the higher level clinics.

Questions?  Contact us, or see the ASA clinic page.

Ready to register?  That goes straight to ASA.

And, please spread the word about the clinics!

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