new clinic: Knot Tying

not a knot
That’s not a knot; that’s a might-knot at best and maybe a not-a-knot.  Let’s learn how to not be like that…

We’ve been threatening to run this clinic for awhile, and with the sailing season surprisingly close by despite this weekend’s cold snap, time to snap some knots closed.

This 2 1/2-hour clinic is held in Manhattan on a weeknight or on a weekend morning or afternoon.  We’ll supply rope, a cleat on a board, and coffee.  You just show up, drink the coffee (optional), and keep the rope and cleat board.

You can see the step-by-step instructions on tying any of these anywhere.  We’ll show you the details on forming these knots and hitches, and how to properly close them, which really has to be done in person.  Of course, we’ll talk about what these knots are good for.

Here’s what we’ll tie:

  • Figure 8
  • Stevedore (‘stē′vĭ-dôr′)
  • Bowline
  • Rolling hitch
  • Square/reef
  • cleat hitch
  • sheet bend
  • ? (that’s probably enough for one session, but who knows…)

And, if there’s any interest, we’ll cover one fishing knot that does it all – the Uni Knot.

Tuition: $55

Location: Upper West Side

Upcoming Schedules:

  • Wednesday, February 24, 7pm (or earlier if all enrolled can manage).
  • Saturday, February 27, 2pm
  • what?  these dates don’t work for you?  let us know what does.

Have questions about this?  Want to enroll?  Hit us up.

That’s better – two knots going on here.  Shot taken in the rain, hence fuzziness.  Want a $25 gift certificate good toward anything we offer? Name the knots in a message from our contact page!

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