Watch us on Fox 5 News! City Island: Closer Than You Think

“Closer Than You Think…”

“Much more like Cape Cod than New York City…”

“a taste of New England in the Northern Bronx.”

That’s the deal with City Island, which Fox 5 covered as part of an ongoing summer series.  They’re featuring places worth seeing in NYC that are, well… closer than you think.

Reporter Christal Young and crew swung by City Island recently to check out its maritime heritage and flavor.  They hit the Nautical Museum and visited us at NY Sailing Center as well.  Of course, we went for a sail.

How close is City Island?  As they say on Fox, Closer Than You Think. Want to drive from UWS or UES?  20-30 minutes if no traffic.  Taking public?  45′ to an hour and 20′ from UWS or UES depending on connections.  We can usually pick you up from Pelham Bay Park, where the 6 train ends (and when we drop you back off, there’s usually a 6 waiting for you to step aboard).  It’s also accessible by Metro North with a short taxi connection or again, us picking you up.  (About 30′ on Metro North from Grand Central to Pelham is typical.)  When we pick you up, you can shave 10-15′ off the travel time, too.

It takes less time to get to us from UES for example than it does to get to New Jersey, where several “NYC” schools actually make you come to sail their boats – including one school/club with “Manhattan” in it’s name!

Even if it takes longer for you to get to us, you get far better sailing.  Why save time to get to the Hudson River and New York Harbor, and basically waste the entire day dodging commercial shipping, ferries, strong currents, narrow passages, and wicked wind shears from tall buildings? Come to City Island, and the entire day on the water is productive and fun. Look out toward Hart Island, Long Island and the Sound, and it’s hard to believe you’re still in NYC.

Click the image above or the link below to see the video on Fox’s site or read the short print story.  See why Christal spoke what we show above in quotes.  Follow the link back to us (New York Sailing Center) if you’re stoked about seeing how we can get you sailing in Long Island Sound this summer or fall!

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