The People Have Spoken… on Yelp

…and Yelp gave us an award for it.  Behold:

Yelp helps level the playing field.  In our case, being a very small business, and one where our talents don’t necessarily lie in web design, SEO, digital branding and marketing, etc, we need it.  So, we’re very pleased to have just received this award of distinction from Yelp.  Nice email to start the week!

We do well on Google, too.  In fact, we have a perfect 5-star rating in their reviews.

We the People love Yelp.  We use it to find things for ourselves.  We compliment or critique, and sometimes just plain crap on, businesses and services we use that are on Yelp.  And we at NY Sailing are out there and subject to the same.

We have 17 reviews on Yelp.  All but one are 5 stars.  (One is a 2-star, but still has some good stuff to say.)  And they’re all legit: real reviews from real clients.  Be sure to check out the ‘filtered’ reviews as well – the ones that Yelp’s algorithms deem suspicious and label as “not currently recommended.”  They start at the bottom and one has to click twice to read them all.

Here’s where you can read our Yelp reviews:

Want to see our Google reviews?  Just do a Google search for New York Sailing Center. 

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