Pride and Karma: Going Gangbusters on Haters

Up-in-flames incident proves that stoopid and boating still don’t mix.

A Tik-Tok video gone viral apparently shows a motorboat anchored up, displaying Pride flags, being circled by another motorboat that might have been saying hi…

Until it was apparent that they were doing the other thing. Flipping them off, and yelling slurs. So, the recipients of this unwelcome attention started recording it in case it went from ‘really!?’ to Realz.

Then, it went red hot! The offended/offending motorboat literally burst into flames. The occupants wound up in the drink, and apparently were rescued by the targets of their vitriol. The local Sheriff’s Department was investigating the facts to determine if any charges would be filed.

It’s sad and unfortunate, not to mention exasperating, and any number of other gerunds, that “people” still behave like this. But, at least it’s fun when they get their comeuppance.

Road rage on the water is, well… stoopid. Boats handle less predictably than cars, so despite floating in and being surrounded by stuff softer than asphalt, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Here’s a link to The Washington Post’s piece about it, including the video itself embedded…

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