BVI Wrap-up and Nav Classes

Just got back from our first Virgin Islands (BVI) trip of this ‘off’ season, and are hitting the ground running with more BVI trips and coastal navigation courses. We did a lot of nav training on this trip…

Twin sisters with niece/daughter doing some nice plotting. They ran the show while the man drove.

We had a family of four all training and testing out for their cruising certifications, plus a couple who had been with us numerous times in BVI and in Greece who were there to just chill.  Everyone got what they went for.

It was a windy week.  Breezes were moderate as we started with upper teens the norm, but we wound up with 20-25 on the last two days with some higher gusts the last afternoon/evening with squally weather.  Not much of a problem on a well equipped 41-foot late model Beneteau.

Our Moorings 42.3 (Beneteau 41) and home for the week, “Reposado,” moored off of Marina Cay, BVI.

As part of the family’s testing, we spent an extra night in Gorda Sound to get them out in pairs on a Rhodes 19 keel sloop.  I’d forgotten how fun these were despite owning one in the past.  They’re stable but fast and responsive, with a very unusual look and long bench seats.  Short and a little stubby, they’re beamy and have a pronounced flare to the bow.  It’s funny how some boats look like they can’t get out of their own way, but are better than most boats in their class designed since.

The Rhodes, as well as modified J-24’s and numerous dinghies, catamarans and sailboards, can be rented at Bitter End Yacht Club, which is basically lodging with a fleet of boats to play on.  Guests of the facility enjoy unlimited use of these and rental rates are not unaffordable for cruising yachties.

Blasting along in a Rhodes 19, Gorda Sound. Prickly Pear Island behind; BEYC ahead.

We had excellent snorkeling in several locations.  At Anegada we were treated to some sea turtles, a decent cuda, and a very decent sized shark (did not look like a nurse) that was simply sitting on the bottom breathing the current.  There was also a plethora of fish including some hard to spot species.

Our next trip?  Our inaugural Kid/Parent trip in mid February.  That’s booked.

Next after that?  Working on one to fall in the second half of March or early April.  CONTACT US if you’re interested as your vote for dates could clinch the trip for you.

Want to see more of the trip above?  Navigate to our Instagram page where we’ve photo-doc’d most of it and with more to come!

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COASTAL NAV: next class starts on Wednesday in Manhattan!

We still have two spots left for our Start Navigating course (Coastal Nav, ASA 105).  This one starts on Wednesday evening, January 18, running for 4 consecutive Wednesday evenings.  Time is 6:30 to about 9:45 and location is on Upper West Side.  For more info, see our Start Navigating page or contact us.

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