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Didn’t see a post from us in awhile? Tech glitch. Here’s a quick review of what’s new and you can link to the full posts of course.

I’m a sailor and a snowboarder. I like to shoot pics and pool; I’m equally terrible at tennis with boat arms. That’s me. I did create and (?) maintain the web site, and of course author the Blog Rants. I can basically manage the tech, but sometimes things go astray. I just learned that the sign-up link for the Blog Rants wasn’t working, and that the posts weren’t being delivered.

So, partially as a test, and mostly to advise subscribers, here’s a snapshot of the last few posts.

This past summer, I got video and clips of Harrison’s famous clocks that solved the problem of keeping accurate time – and determining longitude – at sea. This was a paradigm shift. See more pics and a clip in the post. Sample:

IN THAT PIC: one of John Harrison’s original clocks from the 1700’s. Huge, ornate; elegant; accurate! One of many on display and still ticking at the Royal Observatory, and def worth a visit.

I used to race sailboats a lot. That was my thing. For various and boring reasons, I didn’t do it for decades. But, I joined the Sebago Canoe Club in Canarsie, Brooklyn this summer and got back into dinghy sailing. And, then, racing! Here, I write up what it was like racing a Vanguard 15 for the first time, in my first race in decades – with a crew who’d never sailed a dinghy before. Sample:

IN THAT PIC: I’m skippering a Vanguard 15 dinghy in foreground, with Paolo crewing. His wife and he took cruising courses with us and are now members at Miramar YC, the home of the Sailing Center. Background? Jon, a multi-course grad and former sailing club member, who also went on our last Virgin Islands (BVI) trip. He’s sailing a Sunfish. Sebago Cup, annual distance race, September.

First documented shark attack in NYC waters in forever! Outcome: survived and kept all limbs – a bad wound, but probably a full recovery of use of leg. We’re seeing more sharks in the surf and near shore in our region’s waters. How much should we care? Read the Rant! Sample:

IN THAT PIC: Still grab from a video clip. Not our waters, but same point: we share the shores with sharks, and they very seldom care. Sure, they’re around more. But, drone footage is also just capturing a lot of what we were simply never seeing before.

Never sailed a Sunfish before joining Sebago. It’s their go-to sailing dinghy; they have around 15 of them (plus some Lasers, a Vanguard 15, etc, etc, and too many paddle craft to count). Others own their own various boats. For the last (and only) day of racing in Sebago’s Fall Series, which was a victim of crappy weather, they wanted to do it one-design: skip the odd Laser, Aero or Vanguard. Let’s all get Sunny! I said sure, why not, despite having never sailed one. Here’s how it went! Sample:

IN THAT PIC: I lead the fleet in the first race of the day (blue + yellow sail). I finished first as well! But, I rounded the bottom mark the wrong way. DNF (Did Not Finish). Ooopsie… There were 12 boats on the line for each race! Good amount.

So, there you have it: a representative sample of rants to read. Thanks for being a subscriber!

What would YOU like to read more of? What would you like to see in the posts? I invite your feedback.

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