“…and we’re back (from the BVI)”

And what a whirlwind it was at the end as some of us dealt with flight issues from the Mid-Atlantic & Northeast snowstorm.  But it was worth it…

We sailed from Tortola as usual and cruised the British Virgin Islands for a week.  This was one of our instructional sailing vacations where one can chillax and/or earn ASA 103 or 104 cruising certification.  We had two couples aboard.  One took a trip with us 10 years before, and the other learned to sail with us more recently and were ready to take it up a notch.

4 out of 5
“four out of five sailors surveyed on this trip recommend another one!” (The fifth just wasn’t there to be surveyed…)

Weather was a little unusual.  Winds were light for this time of year, with only two days of reefing weather (shortening sail, or using less than the full complement).  That was fine as it was never so light that we had to motor to where we were going.  There was also little rain and none at night – very unusual.  (When that happens, it’s a brief light shower and not an issue.)

jost toast
Having a toast at Jost Van Dyke.

The reefs on Anegada are recovering nicely from prior hurricane damage and the fish life was much more abundant.  The Director, Captain Card, snorkeled with a large eagle ray there.  It was elegant.

Our secret snorkeling spot on Anegada.

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