Charters and Rides

We do that!  If you’re looking to rent a boat with us in charge, we have many options.  All our boats are fun to sail and to just ride around on.   Plus, you can drive a little too!

Looking to do a sailboat rental, or try out a sailing yacht – but you don’t know how to sail a boat yet?  Start with a charter or ride on one of our boats!  Get some boating fun and also learn something about boating.  Or, just relax and enjoy the sailing!

Our Charters range from a few hours to a full day, or even a multi-day getaway on Long Island Sound – some of the finest cruising waters in the United States.  With boats ranging from 21 to 41 feet, we have the right size and type for your trip.

  • Evening excursions, half & full day charters, and short cruises
  • Weekdays or weekends
  • Weekday evenings: zoom out to us and relax as the sun sets!  (Public transit runs express from Manhattan on weekday afternoons/evenings.)
  • Do as little or as much as you like.  “Leave the Driving to Us…” or, let us coach and supervise while you sail.
  • Daysailers and Cruiser/Racers ranging from 21-41 feet.
  • Best sailing and cruising waters in the Tri-State Area.  Skip the NY Harbor & River traffic and current.
  • And, it’s all “Closer Than You Think!

Let us know what you’d like to experience, and we’ll put together the perfect charter trip for you.

Hit us up to get started!